Tee Boxes

I was sitting in a bar last week watching a basketball game.  I don’t have television at my house.  It’s more like a large screen computer with no news or local channels.  I do like to keep up with the times and even catch sports here and there so I know what people are talking about.  I have close friends who are definitely into it (ahem…Packer Fan, Dodgers Fan,  Blazer Fan, Timbers Fan, and Patriot/Cub Fan). I have to go to a bar to watch.

In bars, people forget that they are in public.  They carry on about their conversations like no one around them can hear them.  Or, perhaps they don’t care.

This particular night I bellied up to the bar for dinner.  There was a group of two older white men sitting at the table behind me, closest to the bar.  If I were to guess, I would say that they were between seventy and eighty years old. They were talking quietly and watching the game, like me.

After a few minutes, another older man walked in with his wife.  They sat down at the table behind these other two gentlemen.  After a few minutes of settling in, the gentleman that arrived started talking to the other two, asking about the basketball game, and the subject turned to golf.  It was obvious that all three men were golfers.  They started comparing golf experiences of late and one of them said they “golfed at Sonnenalp today”.  My ears perked up because that is where I live. I live on the first hole.

Sonnenalp is an exclusive club and it is very expensive to be a member there.  Guests can golf there with a member.  I can see the Clubhouse from my patio.  I watch people tee off all the time.  I have a collection of missed tee-offs.  Most golfers use the closest tee box to the green.  There are five tee boxes, each a little farther from the green than the other.  I always thought this was pretty cool. People could tee off wherever they felt their skill level was, or challenge themselves if they wanted to improve their distance drive, or if the golfers were in a tournament and needed to balance the competition. Each tee box was designated with a wooden tree stake that either had one, or many, imprinted suns on it.

Back to the gentlemen in the bar.  The “new guy” starts to complain about how many tee boxes there are at Sonnenalp. He says: “there’s one for the guys, one for the ladies, and one gender neutral tee off box. One had one sun, another had two suns, and there was one with three suns, and then four suns.  My scorecard was so confusing!”  And then he said, “what is this world coming to?”

This made me stop eating, stop breathing, and just STOP.

The irony.

What is this world coming to?

That this man is complaining about the many tee boxes he has to keep track of in his golf game?  That this guy has made five tee boxes into a social complaint?  I was dumbfounded.  This disconnect is what is wrong with our country.

To him, the many tee boxes represented gender-identity, mis-identity, and indiscretion..in HIS GAME. To me, the many tee boxes represented CHOICE.

Way to go Sonnenalp.  Thank you for giving us a choice. Let the games begin!

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