Tee Boxes

I was sitting in a bar last week watching a basketball game.  I don’t have television at my house.  It’s more like a large screen computer with no news or local channels.  I do like to keep up with the times and even catch sports here and there so I know what people are talking […]

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Aging at the Speed of Pain

Chronic pain. It is debilitating.  It controls everything, even one’s personality. I’ve become accustomed to pain: emotionally, physically, spiritually.  I’ve always lived with a little here and there.  With that, I have not let it define who I am.  I have just accepted that that is how life is.  Until just a few weeks ago. […]

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De Nile

So cliche’.  I know it’s not just a river in Africa.  It’s a coping mechanism. We use it when we aren’t ready to accept truth.  We bargain. We blame. We excuse.  We wish for something different, something better, until we are ready to accept what is. I have a partial thickness tear in my rotator […]

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Screaming Eagle

As I started down the skinny trail, it dawned on me that I had followed a bunch of twenty-somethings into an area I did not know.  You idiot, I muttered.  Twenty-somethings are invincible.  I am not. I looked back.  Going back was a long way back up the narrow cat track. I looked left and […]

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Times are a-changing. They are always a-changing. My last blog was in December of 2016, when I decided that I wanted a fresh start in the blogging world. I created a new blog under a new alias. I wrote one blog in the past year. Lame. I’m a writer. So, it doesn’t mean I haven’t […]

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It is time for new beginnings. Time to put the past to rest and move forward. A new chapter?  No, a new book.  It is time for this one to rest on the shelf where I can pick it up and read it when I need a reminder of where I’ve been.  Letting go is […]

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Hold the Phone

I was talking to a student today about medical futility and the ethical dilemmas that sometime crop up in caring for patients in the hospital.  Sometimes patients are so sick that it appears there is no cure, no fix.  It can be patient driven, a product of the patient’s environment, or progression of disease and […]

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Dirty Vets

In my first year of nursing school, we spent time doing a rotation at the VA. Being that it was Memorial Day today, I recalled how much I enjoyed working with the veterans. Most of them were WWII vets with a few Korean War and Vietnam vets mixed in.  The WWII vets were in their […]

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Confusion Says

True story.  I called a chiropractor yesterday to schedule a first time appointment.  I had been seeing my favorite in Vancouver but he moved farther away…and well, it’s just TOO far. I do so much better when I have a guy watching my back. Literally. It has been over a year since seeing someone and […]

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Thick Skin or Solid Foundation?

I’ve had several folks tell me lately that I must have thick skin to work in the field that I do.  The heartbreak, sadness, and loss that is faced every single day in the 30 rooms on our unit… and likely in the 576 beds at our hospital…is phenomenal.  Heartbreak isn’t just oncology.  It’s everywhere. […]

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