I think every new artist thinks about creating a style all their own.  How do I stand out from every other artist out there?  How do I not be cliche?  How do I convey a message that only the viewer can decode?  Being a new artist, I had no idea where to begin. I knew […]

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I started this piece just working textures and background.  I loved the deep colors.  I feel like deep texture and deep colors invoke deep thought.  I had wanted to add form the picture and hadn’t come up with anything that felt right.  One night, as I worked the surface, it occurred to me that maybe I […]

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This piece was actually a commission for a co-worker.  She asked me to paint something for her.  When I asked her what she liked, she reported that she collected owls and crows.  When I thought about the crow, it occurred to me that they kind of have a bad reputation for being scavengers, noise-makers, and […]

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This painting started out as a lollipop. Then it became a lollipop that fell on the ground and picked up lint. I then added a donut mouth and silly eyes to create a character. The resemblance to Pinocchio was too easy.  Everyone knows about the growing stick nose.  I really enjoyed the colors in the […]

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Side B

I once had a therapist tell me that our lives are like a vinyl record…sometimes a skip occurs in the music and you hear the same thing over and over again until someone comes along and bumps the player so the song can finish as it were intended to. And sometimes, we can change the grooves […]

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Ironically, this piece was completed just a few months before Hostess decided to cease Twinkie production indefinitely.  A premonition?  Perhaps.  To me, this painting is about addiction: people who will reach out for their poison even when near death.

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The very first brushstrokes fell onto this piece of wood panel over 3 years ago!  With the help of a mentor, a teacher, and a little online encouragement, a painter was borne! I chose the lotus because painting, for me, was a new beginning…the beginning of a journey: a ripple in the pond, slowly evolving […]

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