Screaming Eagle

As I started down the skinny trail, it dawned on me that I had followed a bunch of twenty-somethings into an area I did not know.  You idiot, I muttered.  Twenty-somethings are invincible.  I am not. I looked back.  Going back was a long way back up the narrow cat track. I looked left and […]

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Confusion Says

True story.  I called a chiropractor yesterday to schedule a first time appointment.  I had been seeing my favorite in Vancouver but he moved farther away…and well, it’s just TOO far. I do so much better when I have a guy watching my back. Literally. It has been over a year since seeing someone and […]

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Tales From the Tannenbaum, Part One

Part One of a not-so-serious series featuring brief autobiographies of christmas ornaments. This is one grumpy cat.  Or penguin.  He’s mad because he’s hanging on this tree in a Santa suit instead of eating kitty kibble…or krill?  His arms…or flippers…can’t reach the other branches or ornaments.  He’s suspended in the air, hanging vulnerably in the […]

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