Why are you?

I am. I need not be no other.   A friend recently commented on how adventurous and free my life seems to be. This, I say, is the fruit of my labor. The years of not knowing who I was until I found me. The relationships I found my way out of in order to […]

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As I walked up the steps to my favorite pub, I exhaled long and steady, relieving myself of complicated work day stress.  It was raining sideways, the wind whipping at my neck as I approached the door.  I couldn’t wait to get inside where I knew it was warm, where I knew I’d see a familiar face, […]

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I am the Pokemom

NO, that’s not a typo. I drive my son nuts, I think.  He is so laid back and emotionally adjusted that sometimes I think the island-boy attitude is genetically coded in his DNA. And yet, when I talk to other parents of 20-somethings…they, too, are baffled by one word answers and cricket sounds when you […]

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