Why are you?

I am.

I need not be no other.


A friend recently commented on how adventurous and free my life seems to be.

This, I say, is the fruit of my labor.

The years of not knowing who I was until I found me.

The relationships I found my way out of in order to save myself.

The sacrifices I made as a mother so my son would always know I was there.

The hours of study to put an end to living on twenty bucks.

The second hand clothes I wore so that someday I could afford something new.

The love of life I cultivated out of a couple of near misses.

The regrets I pacified by not making the same mistakes.

The holidays I spent alone, counting my blessings because that is all I had.

I know who I am.

I have healthy relationships.

I no longer need to make sacrifices for no matter where I am, he knows I am here.

I no longer need to worry about where money comes from.

I can buy a new outfit anytime I feel like it.

I know the value of life and do not take it for granted.

I avoid making regrets and live life to the fullest.

I still count my blessings….

     because in the end…


They are the only guarantee I have.

Eagle Fork Camp
Eagle Fork Camp, Wallowas

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