Boundary Issues


It’s the obnoxious person at the party that no one invited.

It’s the silent terrorist plotting it’s next move.

It knows no boundaries,

Has no prejudices

It is not kind, compassionate, or loving in any way.

It sees no religion.

It has no empathy.

It is



It does not know that we are beyond tangible things.

That we are more than tissue, cells, and fluid to be overcome.

We are ethereal.

We are light and warmth.

We are friendships and families.

We are love.

We are legacies.


It may overcome our bodies

But it cannot take us.


We will live forever

In the ether.

We can access this place anytime

but cancer can not.

It needs a host to feed upon.


It cannot touch the ether.


For this is where we live.

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