Confusion Says

True story.  I called a chiropractor yesterday to schedule a first time appointment.  I had been seeing my favorite in Vancouver but he moved farther away…and well, it’s just TOO far. I do so much better when I have a guy watching my back. Literally. It has been over a year since seeing someone and well…my back is wrecked.  The twisting, turning, lifting, stress, and emotion lives right there in this one spot. Always has.  If I could dig it out of there, I would!

Reflecting back on my telephone conversation to schedule that first appointment, I am amused. I felt  that I should share because I felt that it shows how tolerant humans are with one another.  It also shows that when we expose ourselves to who we really are, we connect more quickly with others.  I love that.

Here’s how the telephone call went:


Man’s voice answers: Hello, Brian McHale’s office, may I help you?

Me: Yes, I am wondering if you are taking new patients.

Man: Of course! How can we help?

Me: Well, my back is jacked up and I need it un-jacked.

Man: *laughs* Well, that’s a good description of your problem. I think we can help you.

Me: Great.  I found your office on my insurance website so I know that it’s covered. I’ve met my deductible. I get massage every other week.  But I haven’t seen a chiropractor in over a year.

Man: So, you found us through your insurance?

Me: Yes. I found Brian McHale. This is his office right?

Man: Yes. That’s me.

Me: Oh hi Brian.

Man: Dr. McHale.

Me: OK Dr. McHale.

Man: It’s okay to call me Brian.

Me: *laughs out loud*  Oh!  You’re the dude.

Man: Yes, I’m the dude.

Me: The dude abides.

Man: *laughs out loud* That’s funny because we just watched that movie last week.  I remember seeing it in the movie theater way back when and thinking “man, this is going to be a classic”.

Me: It is that.

Man: So how about we get you in on Friday?  Will that work with your schedule?

Me: Yes!  You are right across the street from Singer Hill Cafe right?

Man: I prefer to say that we are across from the library.

Me: Oh OK.  I know where that is.  Is there any information you need from me?

Man: Let me transfer you to my secretary.

*puts me on hold*

As I wait for the secretary to pick up, I’m a bit bewildered and pleased.  Thoughts were swimming around in my head…

1) Why is he answering the phone and NOT announcing that he is Dr. Hale?  He played it off like he was the secretary at first. Then he corrects me on his name, twice. Then, hands me to his secretary in the end.  It’s like he was being professional and personable but wasn’t sure which one he wanted to be.  It’s hard to read someone over the phone and I just found myself laughing at this flip-flop.

2) Does he have a “beef” with Singer Hill Cafe or what?  He’s literally closer to Singer Hill but he wants to be associated with the library. Again…I’m amused and curious.

3) He knew what “my back is jacked up” meant. Bonus points.

4) He passed the Dude Test without missing a beat. It’s funny because that comment just came out of me automatically and I didn’t even say it very loudly.  He picked up on it, though, and went with it.  Made me happy.

I wasn’t sure what to think.  Finding a good, personable health care provider is important to me.  Trying to read someone over the phone is difficult.  You know how it is: we wing it and hope that when we go for a first visit, they are what we need.  The Dude Test was really important because I prefer healthcare practitioners who are personable and have a sense of humor.  It’s a good start, anyway.

After I hung up the phone, I felt relieved.  My back already felt better because I was taking steps to getting her in line.  I’m sure Dr. McHale already thinks I’m a nut, but what he doesn’t know is that this telephone call took place near the end of my work shift after only getting maybe 3.5 hours of sleep before shift.  I could have cursed like a sailor.  But I banked that skill for later, possibly for when he is un-jacking my back.

Ya never know.




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