It is time for new beginnings. Time to put the past to rest and move forward. A new chapter?  No, a new book.  It is time for this one to rest on the shelf where I can pick it up and read it when I need a reminder of where I’ve been.  Letting go is never easy, especially when we tell ourselves that letting go means we didn’t care enough.


Letting go means we tried, fell, tried again, fell, tried something else, fell…then figured out we needed new shoes all along.  No need to beat ourselves, or others, up over the journey.  So long as we learn and change…we evolve.

With that, there will be no more posts on this particular blog. A new alias, a new book, and fresh ideas will promote the same mission in the ether: where chaos and calm coexist to create balance.

I am a Libra, after all.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found some inspiration or laughter in the words left here.  This blog helped me process many things that came my way, and I am grateful for it all. Perhaps you will find my new manuscripts.  Until then…

Peace, Love, and Happiness!


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